Imagine a world where

Things work right

At first try



 Where people enjoy

What they do

And working together



Where sustainable growth

Leads to profits shared

By customers, employees

And backers



Where everyday innovation

Increases benefits to society

Because everyone works at making things better every day

Read the lean novel, The Gold Mine and discover how to lead kaizen firsthand in order to lean to see your own workplace completely differently, "with your hands" by improving things for your customers with your teams directly, and figuring out what your challenges really are - and how to overcome them with the people who do the work themselves. Check out the masterclass here.

In the sequel, The Lean Manager, you'll learn how to develop a new kind of management system in order to encourage and support kaizen from everyone, everywhere, all the time. You'll find that people, with their personalities, motivation, abilities are the key to outstanding results by aligning their success with the company's success through the right use of the lean tools. You can also follow the masterclass here.

In Lead With Respect, discover how to develop the lean leadership to inspire your organization to grow a true lean culture - from individual mastery to collective learning and innovation. Find out how to support initiative and ingenuity to find a better way and nurture the right talents through the ranks to create an outstanding team of lean leaders, who will take your business to the next level. Find out more in the masterclass here.

Stronger together - sharing experiences with the Institut Lean France we have learned that lean is first a strategy, but also has its own unique leadership approach

Lean is a full business strategy. Successful lean leaders taught us that, In a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world, lean thinking shows you how to orient yourself by finding the key challenges, then lead others by facing these challenges, framing them in a way all can understand and forming solutions together, by encouraging initiative, creative ideas and rigorous testing of what works and what doesn't. It's a dynamic, people-centric strategy to eliminate waste, generate capacity for innovation and manager learning curves rather than action plans.

Success at lean depends on support everyone's individual success by developing both deeper technical expertise and the ability to teamwork every day on the job. Lean success depends on a specific lean leadership style that can be both learned, and taught to create a complete lean culture, based on learning rather than compliance